30-year warranty for a damp-free home!

Our injection work is guaranteed for 30 years. This is not an empty promise, but a real guarantee, built on two mainstays:
  • As one of the only damp-prevention companies in Belgium, we received ATG approval (reference no. 11/2856) for the injection products we use, issued by the independent BCCA (Belgian Construction Certification Association).
  • Additionally, the proper execution of the work is necessary to ensure that these certified products have the desired effect, insured by Mercator Insurance (Beloise Group). This coverage guarantees the technical execution in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements.
In other words, you can rest assured that Dryguard will carry out the injection work on your home in accordance with the regulations and with the necessary care.

There is a good reason that in terms of damp prevention, in addition to our over 10,000 private customers, we are also the preferred partner for various government institutions and the largest building companies in Flanders!

As further proof of our quality, our company and products have received many awards and certificates.
onderscheidingen en certificaten behandelen opstijgend vocht